Yamaha F4 / F5 / F6 1 Cyl Gearcase Assy Parts

You will find Yamaha F4 / F5 / F6 1 Cyl Gearcase Assy Parts at Allesmarine.nl. We have the largest stock and everything is delivered to your home the next day.

Number: Order Number: Yamaha OEM: Description:
2 PAF4-03000020 68D-G4328-00 Plate water pump fixed
3 PAF4-03000021 67D-44366-00 Rubber tube water pump
4 PAF4-03000013 93604-18080 Pin water pump
5 PAF4-03000019 68D-G4311-01 Housing water pump
6 PAF4-03000018 68D-G4315-A0 Gasket water pump cover
7 PAF4-03000017 6E0-44322-02 Cover inner water pump
8 REC6E0-44352-00 6E0-44352-00 Impeller water pump
9 PAF4-03000015 6E0-44323-00 Out plate
10 PAF4-03000014 6L2-44147-00 Rubber jacket shift rod
11 PAF4-03020000 68D-G4150-10 Cam assy shift rod
11 PAF4-03020000S 68D-G4150-00 Cam assy shift rod small
14 PAF4-03000012 68D-G5321-00 Base water pump
15 PAF4-03000011 68D-G5315-A0 Hermetic gasket water pump base
16 PAF4-03000027 93101-10M14 Oil seal
18 PAF4-03040000 67D-45570-00 Reverse gear assy
19 PAGB/T276-6004-C2 93306-004UO BEARING
20 PAF4-03050002 93101-13M12 Oil seal
21 PAJISB 2401-P48 93210-48214 O ring
22 PAF4-03050001 68D-G5361-00-4D Cover lower casing
23 PAGB/T5783-2000 95895-06016-00 Hexagon bolt M6 x 18
24 PAF4-03000003 6E0-45316-09 Bearing
25 PAF4-03000023 90340-08002 Plug oil hole M80
26 PAF4-03000024 90430-08020 Gasket  
27 PAF4-03000001 68D-G5300-11-4D Lower casing
28 PAGB/T-896-86 99001-06600 Circlip 6
29 PAF4-03000007 6E0-45551-00 Initiative gear
30 PAF4-03000006 90204-11M49 Washer initiative gear
31 PAF4-03000002 6E0-45317-09 Bearing
32 PAF4-03000008 67D-45635-00 Pluger shift
33 PAF4-03010000 67D-45560-00 Positive gear assy
34 PAF4-03030002 67D-45631-01 Clutch block
37 PAF4-03000004L 6E0-45511-11 Shaft drive
37 PAF4-03000004S 6E0-45511-01 Shaft drive small
38 PAF4-03000016 93604-09066 Pin  
39 PAF4-03000005 90467-08M01 Clip
40 PAGB/T5782-2000   Hexagon bolt L
40 PAGB/T5782-2000S   Hexagon bolt S
41 PAF4-0300000L 68D-G5300-10-4D Complete gear housing Large
41 PAF4-0300000S 68D-G5300-00-4D Complete gear housing Small
42 PAGB/T91-86 91490-25030 Pin cotter 2.5x30
43 PAF4-03080000 6L5-45616-00 Nut assy
44 PAF4-03000026 90201-08M54 Washer stainless steel
45 PAF4-03070000 6E0-45943-01-EL Propeller assy
46 PAF4-03000025 68D-G5987-00 Spacer
47 PAF4-03000022 68D-G5251-00 Anode
48 PAF4-00000001 90387-06806 Hollow pin
49 PAF4-02040001 68D-G4360-10 Water tube assy
49 PAF4-02040001S 68D-G4360-00 Water tube assy small
50 PAF4-02040002 68D-G4365-00 I shaped rubber band
51 REC6E0-W0078-A2 6E0-W0078-00 Waterpomp service set
52 REC6E0-W0001-C1 6E0-W0001-C1 Gearcase seal kit
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