Yamaha Pistons and Springs

You will find Yamaha Pistons and Springs at Allesmarine.nl. We have the largest stock and everything is delivered to your home the next day.

Note: Pistons are supplied excluding piston rings, these will always have to be ordered separately.

Model: Piston / Piston Rings: Order Number:
2B /2BMHS Piston REC646-11631-01
4/5 HP Piston REC6E0-11631-00-98
4 tot 8 HP Piston Rings REC6G1-11610-00
E8D/ E8DMH Piston REC677-11631-00K
E8D/E8DMH Piston Rings REC647-11610-00
9,9D/15D Piston REC6E7-11631-00-97
9,9D/15D Piston Rings REC682-11610-01
25 B Piston REC6H3-11631-00
25 B Piston Rings REC6K5-11601-02
25 HP/30 HP Piston REC61N-11631-00
25 HP/30 HP Piston Rings REC61N-11603-00
25J/30 HP Piston REC6J8-11631-02K
25Q/40/50 HP Piston REC6H4-11631-01K
25Q/40H/50D HP Piston Rings REC6H4-11601-00-00
30A, 30AM HP Piston REC689-11631-00
30A, 30AM HP Piston Rings REC689-11610-00
40 HP Piston REC66T-11631-00K
40 HP Piston Rings REC66T-11603-00
50/60/70 HP Piston REC6H3-11631-01
50/60/70 HP Piston Rings REC6K5-11601-02
55B to 90AETOL Piston REC6H1-11631-03
48C to 90 HP Piston Rings REC688-11603-A0
55BE 90-92 Piston REC688-11631-02
E48C to 85A HP Piston REC688-11631-03
F75 to F90 HP Piston STD WI3207PS
F75 to F90 HP Piston 0.50 WI3207P2
F75 to F100 HP Piston STD WI3208PS
F75 to F100 HP Piston 0.50 WI3208P2
F115 HP 2000-08 Piston STD WI3205PS
F115 HP 2000-08 Piston 0.50 WI3205P1
F150 HP 2004-08 Piston STD WI3204PS
F150 HP 2004-08 Piston 0.50 WI3204P1
F200 to F225 HP Piston STD WI3206PS
F200 to F225 HP Piston 0.50 WI3206P1
100 to 225 HP Piston Starboard REC6R5-11631-11K
100 to 225 HP Piston Port REC6R5-11642-11
100 to 250 HP Piston Rings REC64D-11603-01
115 to 250 HP Piston Rings REC6R5-11603-00
115 to 225 HP Piston Starboard REC6G5-11631-00K 
115 to 225 HP Piston Port REC6G5-11642-00K
115 to 220 HP Piston Rings REC6E5-11610-02
115 to 200 HP Piston Starboard REC6R5-11631-01
115 to 200 HP Piston Port REC6R5-11642-01
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