Yamaha F2.5 Engine Block + Crankshaft Parts

You will find Yamaha F2.5 Engine Block + Crankshaft Parts at Allesmarine.nl. We have the largest stock and everything is delivered to your home the next day.

Number: Order Number: Yamaha OEM: Description:
3 PAF2.6-04000501 69M-E2413-00-1S Cover thermostaat
4 PAF4-04000011 68D-E2414-A0 Gasket thermostaat
5 PAF4-04070003 68D-E1325-00 Anode
7 PAF4-04010002 650-24378-00 Pipe joint
8 PAF2.6-04000007 90445-09808 Pipe water
9 PAT15-04000010 69M-12411-01 Thermostat
10 PAF2.6-04000005 69M11193-AO Gasket cylinder cover
12 PAF2.6-04040100 69M-E1111-00-1S Cylinder head assy
13 PAF15-04000005 676-11372-00 Spile water assy
14 PAF15-00000013 93604-12M07 Gear unit assy
15 PAF2.6-04000001 69M-11181-00 Gasket cylinder head
16 NGKBR6HS 94702-00248 Spark plug
17 PAF4-04000034 90105-08M36 Bolt
19 PAF2.6-07000008 68D-E2138-40 Mark 8
20 PAF4-08000110 67D-42797-10 Mark 10
21 PAF2.6-04000006 69M-E1191-00-1S Cover cylinder head
22 REC69M-E1603-01 69M-E1603-01 Piston ring kit
25 PAF2.6-04020006 93450-13130 Circlip
26 PAF2.6-04020005 69M-E1633-00 Pin piston
27 PAF2.6-04020001 69M-E1631-01-96 Piston  
28 PAF2.6-04020100 69M-11650-00 Rod, connecting
29 PAF2.6-04020103 7FK-11654-00 Bolt
30 PAF2.6-04030000 69M-11400-00 Crank assy
31 PAF2.6-04000003 90201-23008 Washer plate
32 PA166F-010011 7FK-12158-00 Lock nut
33 PA166F-010010 7FK-12165-00 Pivot, rocker arm
34 PA166F-010009 67D-12151-00 Arm, valve rocker
35 PA166F-010008 67D-12157-00 Bolt rocker arm
36 PA166F-010006 7NJ-12118-00 Clamp valve
37 PAF4-04080010 7NJ-12117-00 Spring, valve retainer
38 PAF4-04080008 68D-E2113-00 Spring, valve stem
39 PA166F-010003 51Y-12119-00 Seat, valve stem
40 PA166F-010001 67D-12111-00 Valve, intake
41 PA166F-010002 67D-12121-00 Valve, exhaust
42 PAF2.6-04040001 69M-E2155-00 Plate, push rod
43 PAF2.6-04000002 69M-12154-00 Rod, valve rod
44 PA166F-000001 JA9-12153-00 Lifter, valve
45 PAF2.6-04000100 69M-12170-01 Camshaft assy
46 POWERHEAD 2.6 69M-WE0090-01-1S Power head
47 PAF2.6-00000003 69M-45113-A0 Gasket engine
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