Yamaha 40 HP 2-stroke 2 Cylinder E40X/40XMH/E40XMH/XW/XWT Crankshaft Parts

You will find Yamaha 40 HP 2-stroke 2 Cylinder E40X/40XMH/E40XMH/XW/XWT Crankshaft Parts at Allesmarine.nl. We have the largest stock and everything is delivered to your home the next day.

Number: Order Number: Yamaha OEM: Description:
2 REC66T-11412-00 66T-11412-00 Crank 1
3 REC66T-11422-00 66T-11422-00 Crank 2
4 REC66T-11432-00 66T-11432-00 Crank 3
5 REC66T-11442-00 66T-11442-00 Crank 4
6 REC93306-307U0 93306-307U0 Bearing
7 REC93332-000UE 93332-000UE Bearing
8 REC93306-306V5 93306-306V5 Bearing
9 REC6F5-11515-00 6F5-11515-00 Seal, labyrinth 1
10 REC6F5-11651-00 6F5-11651-00 Rod, connecting
11 REC66T-11681-00 66T-11681-00 Pin, crank 1
12 REC90209-27M07 90209-27M07 Washer
13 REC93310-727U0 93310-727U0 Bearing
14 REC93440-68M03 93440-68M03 Circlip
15 REC66T-11631-00 66T-11631-01-93 Piston (STD)
15 REC66T-11635-01 66T-11635-01 Piston (0.25MM o/s)
15 REC66T-11636-01 66T-11636-01 Piston (0.50MM o/s)
16 REC66T-11603-00 66T-11603-00 Piston ring set (STD)
16 REC66T-11604-00 66T-11604-00 Piston ring set (0.25MM o/s)
16 REC66T-11605-00 66T-11605-00 Piston ring set (0.50MM o/s)
17 REC6F5-11633-00 6F5-11633-00 Pin, Piston
18 REC663-11634-00 663-11634-00 Clip, Piston pin
19 REC93603-21111 93603-21111 Pin, dowel
20 REC90201-20417 90201-20417 Washer, plate
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