Parsun Outboard Engine F20 & F25 Crankshaft & Piston Parts

Yamaha Parsun Outer Cover, Exhaust.jpg

Number: Order number: OEM: Description:
1 PAF25-05020001 65W-11411-01 CRANK SHAFT
2 PAF25-05020003 93102-43M42 OIL SEAL B
3 PAF25-05010302-1 62Y-11416-00 MAIN BEARING
3 PAF25-05010302-2 62Y-11416-10 MAIN BEARING
4 PAF25-05020204 62Y-11654-00, 6C5-11654-00 BOLT,CONNECTING ROD
5 PAF25-05020203-1 62Y-11656-00 PLANE BEARING,CONNECTING ROD
5 PAF25-05020203-2 62Y-11656-00, 62Y-11656-10 PLANE BEARING,CONNECTING ROD
6 PAF25-05020101 65W-11631-00-96 PISTON
7 PAF25-05020105 62Y-11633-00 PIN, PISTON
8 PAF25-05020106 93450-17129 CIRCLIP
9 PAF25-05020102 67C-11603-00 PISTON RING
10 PAF25-05020310 65W-11665-00 CON-ROD ASSY,BALANCE
11 PAF25-05020301 65W-11642-11 PISTON,BALANCE
12 PAF25-05000026 90170-20137, 90170-35M47 NUT
13 PAF25-05020002 93102-35M47 OIL SEAL A
14 PAF25-05020103 67C-11603-00 PISTON RING II
15 PAF25-05020104 67C-11603-00 COMBINATION OIL RING
16 PAF25-05020100 65W-11631-00-96, 65W-41114-00 PISTON ASSY
17 PAF25-05020200 67C-11650-00, 6C5-11650-10 ROD,CONNECTING
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