Parsun Outboard Engine F9.9, F13.5 & F15 Camshaft Parts

Number: Order number: Yamaha OEM: Description:
1 PAGB/T1099-1979 90280-03017-00, 90280-03M01 KEY, WOODRUFF
2 PAF15-07010027 90480-12072 RUBBER RING B
3 PAF15-07030003 66M-11536-10 BELT PULLEY, TIMING
4 PAF15-07030004 66M-11557-00 WASHER
5 PAF15-07030005 90170-28M37 NUT
6 PAF15-07000002 66M-46241-00 BELT, TIMING
7 PAF15-07000024 66M-46297-00 COVER, DUST
8 PAF15-07050003 90480-10M16 RING RUBBER A
9 PAGB/T5783-2000   BOLT
10 PAGB/T5287-85 90201-06M94 BIG WASHER
11 PAF15-07040018 66M-11537-00, 66M-11537-00-94 BELT PULLEY, DRIVEN
12 PAF15-07040017 90201-13201 WASHER
13 PAF15-07040008 93102-18M21 OIL SEAL
14 PAF15-07040200 66M-12170-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY
15 PAF15-07040016 66M-13329-10 MAT, QIRPROOF
16 PAF15-07040500 66M-13300-10 OIL PUMP ASSY
17 PAGB/T5783-2000   BOLT
18 PAGB/T97.1-85   WASHER
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