Parsun Outboard Engine F6, F8 & F9.8 Valve Parts

Seal, Water Pipe 16168.jpg

Number: Order number: OEM: Description:
1 PAF8-05030001 3V1-07201-0 VALVE, INTAKE
2 PAF8-05030002 3V1-07202-0 VALVE, EXHAUST
3 PAPS2700.04.03 51Y-12119-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM
4 PAF8-05030004 3V1-07205-0 SEAL, VALVE SPRING
5 PAF8-05030005 3AA-07203-0 SPRING ,VALVE
6 PAF8-05030006 3V1-07221-0 RETAINER, VALVE SPRINGRE
7 PAF8-05030007 7NJ-12118-00 COTTER, VALVE
8 PAF8-05030200 3V1-07235-0 ROCKER ASSY
9 PAF8-05030201 850841002 ROCKER
10 PAF15-07040304 62Y-12158-00 LOCK NUT
11 PAF15-07040303 62Y-12159-00 SCREW, VALVE ADJUSTING
12 PAF8-05030009 3AA-07225-0 SPRING, ROCKER
13 PAF8-05030015 3R3-07227-0 BUSHER, ROCKER SPRING
14 PAF8-05030010 3H8-07226-0 SHAFT, ROCKET
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