Mariner 8 HP (Yamaha Model Type B) Crankshaft + Block Parts

Number: Order number: Mercury Mariner OEM:  Description:
1 REC650-11370-00 21-80727M CHECK VALVE ASSY
2 TEN01121 84732M ANODE
3 REC93210-42159 25-82276M O-RING
4 REC93102-20M25 26-14195M OIL SEAL
5 REC93210-42M70 25-95602M O-RING
6 REC93101-20M29 26-18843M OIL SEAL
7 REC93101-14M01 26-82165M OIL SEAL
8 REC677-11181-A0 27-95595M GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD
10 REC677-41112-A0 27-95597M GASKET, EXHAUST OUTER COVER
11 NGKB7HS-10 33-82370M PLUG, SPARK (NGK B7HS-10)
13 REC677-11412-02   CRANK 1
14 REC677-11422-02   CRANK 2
15 REC677-11432-02   CRANK 3
16 REC677-11442-02   CRANK 4
17 REC6E0-11651-01 629-9492M ROD, CONNECTING
18 REC93310-418U0 31-94769M BEARING
19 REC6G1-11681-00 17-14193M PIN
20 REC90209-18112 12-84620M WASHER
21 REC93306-204U0 30-18859M BEARING
22 REC677-11631-00K 761-8224M PISTON (STD)
  REC677-11635-00K 761-8225M PISTON (0.25mm O/S)
  REC677-11636-00K 761-8226M PISTON (0.50mm O/S)
23 REC647-11610-00 39-80422M PISTON RING SET (STD)
  REC647-11610-10 39-80423M PISTON RING SET (0.25mm O/S)
  REC647-11610-20 39-80424M PISTON RING SET (0.50mm O/S)
24 REC6G1-11633-00 41-95601M PIN, PISTON
25 REC93602-14118 29-82350M BEARING
26 REC90201-12565 12-81816M WASHER, PLATE
27 REC93450-13022 53-82342M CIRCLIP
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