Mercruiser R/MR/ALPHA ONE (1983-90) (6216687 - 0F386995) Maintenance Kit

Models: Description: Quantity: Order number: Mercruiser OEM:
  TRANSOM GASKET KIT 1 REC27-94996Q2 26-32511A1, 27-94996A3, 27-94996Q2, 27-94996T2, 64818A3, 94996A2, 94996A20, 94996BK2
  TRANSOM BEARING 1 REC30-879194A01 30-879194A01, 30-879194A02, 60794A4, 862540A04, 862540A3, 862540T1
  TRANSMISSION BELLOW 1 REC60932A4 60932A1, 60932A4
  EXHAUST BELLOW 1 REC18654A1 18654A1, 18654B1, 32734, 32734A3
  EXHAUST BELLOW TUBE (454 MAG) 1 REC78458A1 78458, 78458A1
  SHIFT WIRE BELLOW 1 REC74639Q02 31659, 74639, 74639A2, 74639B, 74639B1, 74639Q02
  OIL LEVEL CAP 1 REC10-79953Q04 10-79953A2, 10-79953K04, 10-79953Q04, 10-79953Q2, 79953A2, 79953Q04, 79953Q2, 79953T2, 878811
  OIL DRAIN CAP 1 REC22-67892A05 22-67892A1, 22-8M0058389, 67892A05, 67892A06, 878808, 8M0058389
  RUDDER ANODE (2-3/8”) 1 CM31640 316404, 316406, 31640A4, 31640B4, 31640Q03, 31640Q4, 97-31640Q4, 97-31640T4, 97-31640T6
R/ MR/ ALPHA ONE RUDDER ANODE (4”) 1 CM34127 34127A1, 34127T1, 34127T2
(1983-90) BALL ANODE TRANSOM 1 REC55989Q9 55989Q9
(6216687 - TRANSOM ANODE (MERCAT) 1 CM821631 821631Q1
0F386995) TRANSOM ANODE (MERCAT) OLD 1 CM43994 821631A1, 821631Q1
  ANODE KIT 1 CMALPHAGEN1KITA 888756A2, 888756Q02, 888756Q04, 97-888756Q04
  ANODE KIT 1 CMALPHAGEN1KITM 888756A2, 888756Q02, 888756Q04, 97-888756Q04
  WATER TUBE 5/8” TRANSOM 1 REC32-32461 32-32461, 32461A1
  WATER TUBE 3/4” TRANSOM 1 REC32-4172533 32-4172533, 32-8M0062309, 32-8M0109048, 8M006230, 8M0062309, 8M0109048
  IMPELLER 1 CEF500313G 47-89984T3, 47-89984T4, 803631T, 899842, 899843, 899844, 89984B2, 89984B3
  WATER PUMP KIT 1 REC47-89984Q5 46-96148A8, 47-89984Q5, 47-89984T5, 47-89984T6, 89984Q5, 89984T6
  SHIFT WIRE KIT 1 REC865436A03 19543T2, 865436A02, 865436A03
  SENSOR TRIM KIT 1 REC805320A03 17693A2, 63115A12, 805320A03, 805320A1, 88678A4, 88678A5
  SYNTHETIC OIL 80W-90 2 LUB11564  
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