Preparing the inboard engine for winter? Flush Kit & Accessories

The latest way to prepare your inboard motor cheaply, easily and quickly for winter. At the bottom of this page of the winterization products there is more text and an explanation of how you can do this and what you need.

The revolution in preparing your inboard motor for winter

Do you also dread having to open all those drain taps, which often break or are rusted, again and again? Not sure how to drain your inboard motor? Don't you know how to fill your inboard engine with antifreeze? Do you also want to save a lot of money on the maintenance of your inboard engine?

Then order the flush kit from the Allesmarine webshop now and prepare your inboard engine for winter in no time before it starts to freeze. The flush kit, in combination with the correct coolant, fogging oil & fuel stabilizer, provides the following benefits:

  • • There is no more chance of freezing and cracking of your inboard engine and your expensive exhaust manifolds
  • • Cooling system and gaskets of the inboard engine are optimally protected against corrosion, scale and dehydration
  • • Less costs at the dealer because you professionally winterize the boat yourself
  • • Fewer problems with your inboard engine because your internal cooling section remains optimal and does not get clogged by limescale and rust
  • • Ensures that all internal cooling areas are filled with coolant, including the exhaust manifolds.
  • • In combination with the fogging oil, prevents your engine from getting stuck due to carbon and rust deposits because internal engine parts are covered in grease
  • • You can also spray the engine externally with the fogging oil so that your engine is also protected from moisture and corrosion from the outside during the winter


Watch our instructional video for winterizing your inboard

In collaboration with Sportbootwinkel, we have published the instruction video below with text and explanation to help you further. It is very easy to do yourself and also an affordable way to prepare your boat for winter. Watch the instructional video and check it out for yourself:

First, make sure the engine is ready to start. Then unscrew the cap from the jerry can and fill it with the recommended coolant. We recommend using approximately 10 liters of coolant for 4 and 6-cylinder engines and approximately 15 liters of coolant for 8-cylinder engines. This way you can be sure that the engine and manifolds are well soaked. If you have purchased the flush kit in combination with the fogging oil, you must first remove the air filter above the air inlet.

Did you order the complete kit including the fuel stabilizer? Then first add fuel stabilizer to the fuel (about 50 ml to 100 liters of fuel) and let it mix well while warming up, so that your fuel system is also well soaked. This way it remains optimally clean and fresh.

We have drawn up a nine-step plan to prepare the inboard motor for winter: 
Fill your jerry can with 10 to 15 liters of coolant and make sure the tap of the jerry can is closed. Connect the garden hose to the coupling and turn on the tap of the garden hose.

Place the jerry can on top of the back of the boat and connect the garden hose to the coupler.

Push the flusher on the bottom of the lower unit, from front to back, over the cooling water inlet. Then check whether they are correctly positioned over the cooling water inlet.

Turn on the garden hose tap.

Start the engine and let it warm up for a while until the temperature of the cooling water in the engine is about 80 degrees, so that the engine's thermostat is open.

Then open the tap of the jerry can so that the blue coolant flows out of the jerry can. Immediately close the tap of the garden hose.

You can see the blue coolant flowing through the hose into the engine.

Then look at the outlet where the cooling water flows out and wait until you see the blue coolant flowing out. As soon as you see the blue coolant, let it run for 10 seconds, so that the coolant can properly integrate into the engine. Then immediately switch off the engine or continue with the fogging oil as described in the next step.

If you have bought the kit in combination with fogging oil, let the engine suffocate by continuously spraying it into the air intake of the engine until it runs off. Make sure you keep spraying well. Otherwise you run the risk that the engine will not run off. If, in the worst case scenario, it does not run off, turn the engine off manually.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not continue to run the engine when the coolant in the jerry can is empty. Otherwise, the engine temperature will rise and it will pump the coolant out of the engine again.

PLEASE NOTE: The engine must first be up to temperature (around 80 degrees). If this does not happen, the coolant cannot penetrate properly into the engine and you run the risk that the engine is not properly soaked with coolant.

TIP: Try to have someone with you so that he can turn off the engine on command. If you are alone, you can possibly tie a piece of string to the dead man's cord and then let it hang overboard. When you see that the coolant is running out of the exhaust, you only have to pull the string so that the engine stops.

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